Strategic Technology Consulting



    The evolution of cloud technologies from an imaginative idea to a heavily utilized and critical component in the IT solutions delivery realm has been, in years past, hard to capture and identify by name. Presently, cloud technologies play a key role in infrastructure, application delivery, disaster recovery, development, and the outsourcing of non-core competencies. AEC Group has a firm foothold in cloud technology understanding and utilization that effectively assists our customers in reimagining their IT ecosystems and capabilities. AEC’s end-to-end assessment, planning, design, and implementation will turn concept into practice in a seamless manner that will bring our clients into the forefront through hybrid architecture that hones in on objectives without overburdening IT teams.

  • Data Center Consulting

    The role of data centers in today’s IT landscape is in flux. AEC Group realizes the evolution of the complex myriad of technologies that have emerged in today’s technological marketplace and how to skillfully guide our clients in meeting their objectives. Converged systems, virtualization, and the use of laptops, desktops, and phones have created the need for advanced systems that address current workloads as well as application requirements that take new business line objectives into consideration.

  • Mobility Consulting

    The ways in which clients operate in today’s technological plane is vastly different than it was in the past. What were once considered conventional technologies have been built upon and advanced in terms of when and where a client can perform their job function. The result is that a new set of challenges has developed that requires a revamped outlook in regard to management, security, and the integration of a wide array of new technological devices that fits into the scope of corporate culture and usage. AEC Group works in collaboration with our clients to establish guidelines and necessary support for the adoption of new strategies that will allow the traditional confines of the office to be redrawn in accordance with the latest mobility developments.

  • Telecom Consulting

    A collaborative ecosystem has evolved from technologies that were once considered to be autonomous. Voice, video, and data can now be unified seamlessly from device to device while maintaining contact with their collaborators. The amalgamation of these once independent elements has created a new set of challenges in the IT realm. The evolution of the corporate handset into a computing device requires far greater technology expertise than the conventional telecommunication systems of the past. AEC Group assists our clients by bridging the gap between design, planning, and implementation of these technologies with the goal of onboarding industry leading technologies. AEC provides a watchful eye toward negating poor decisions that can derail the ability of these systems to engage and address new models as they emerge in future settings.

  • System Health Checks

    AEC Group realizes that, with new architecture and design, idiosyncrasies that have never been encountered can pose challenges that manifest in misalignment with best practices, gap identification, and unidentified entanglements that can lead to system outages or failure. The Technology Solutions Division of AEC is poised to assess our clients’ technology infrastructure to identify and remediate issues before destabilization of critical systems comes into play.