M7 Global Partners

M7 Global Partners

“Our mission is to increase the value, credibility, depth and reach of the regional value-added solution provider by delivering higher-quality, more consistent, centralized relationship and experience for our vendors, systems integrators and partners – and most importantly to our customers.”

M7 Global Partners is a collaborative venture between seven highly regarded IT solution providers working with collective intelligence and resources with the endgame being high caliber service and unparalleled results for clients worldwide. AEC Group, Inc. is proud to be a part of the dynamic M7 Global Partners (M7). AEC Group’s stake in the M7 confederation translates to high capacity resources, knowledge, and experience to their clients. The client benefit of national reach with local familiarity and a single source of accountability is an additional dividend of AEC Group’s membership in M7 Global Partners. The M7 alliance, in a more tangible sense, benefits the client by offering more than 200 years of combined experience, aggregate revenue in excess of $400 million, over 3000 clients, and upwards of 450 employees and 200 consultants and engineers. M7 Global Partners’ strength through collaboration approach is evidenced through AEC Group’s ability to utilize this partnership by leveraging worldwide vendor relationships that ultimately offer clients access to matchless service.

M7’s members are: Agile360, AEC Group, Entisys, Gotham Technology Group, Hogan Consulting Group, Intra Systems, IPM, LPS Integration, Right! Systems.


M7 Global Partners recognized as the 2011 Microsoft Virtualization Partner of the Year!
Microsoft Winner